We provide General and Cosmetic dentistry with emphasis on prevention of dental diseases and evidenced based practice.
Following are some samples of our fees & services for your information. Currently, we accept National Health Insurance in Japan, however, please be advised that the line of the services under the insurance system are very much restricted and does not cover the most of the services listed below. Below fees do not include applicable tax.

Routine Check-up &
Teeth Cleaning
Yen 10,000 ~
Yen 12,000
Topical Fluoride Application including Cleaning & Check-up (For Children) Yen 5,000~
Office Teeth Whitening Yen 38,000 ~
Brighter, whiter smile in just 30~45 min. with most advanced and effective whitening system. Office Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening Yen 30,000 ~
Yen 35,000
Bonding/Tooth Colored Composite Resin Filling

Yen 16,000 ~
Yen 45,000
(per tooth)

Ceramic Crown

Yen 135,000 ~
Yen 150,000
(per tooth)

Ceramic or Ceramic-Resin Hybrid Inlay/Onlay

Yen 35,000 ~
Yen 135,000
(per tooth)

Fiber Post

Yen 25,000 ~
(per tooth)

These are just some samples. For further information, please call us at 03-5840-8341

Computer simulated smile makeover service has become available effective August 2011. You can see the computer simulated imaging before you decide or start your dental treatment option. Please consult with your doctor for the service detail at your visit to our office.

Simulation picture

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